Decentralized Security, Storage, and Hosting

Network operators face a problem of lack of resources in today's network infrastructures, causing a need to "piece" networks together. This stresses capital, efficiency, and security. Here at PracTECHal Solutions we use proprietary edge computing nodes, powered by the PracTECHal OS to bring the performance and security of a large data center directly to the edge. We use patented bonded network paths and data packet fragmentation to power large networks, delivering amazing performance to end users and the public. There's a better way to power the enterprise. A PracTECHal way.

Meet the PracTECHal OS


Enterprise Firewall, protection on every level.

The PracONE firewall is an Enterprise class firewall system built on top of the PracOS on Hardened BSD. It is an extremely robust defender and referee of networks and has advanced features and systems that allow the inclusion of multi-factor authenticated nodes to work within Layer2 of the Constellation. . Every node has an instance of the firewall running within the PracOS and through our clustering technology, all firewalls find each other and work in unison within the Constellation.

• Up To Layer 7 Firewall Protection
• Real Time Virus Protection
• Enterprise Networking Software Suite
• Cluster Capable

Storage built for the most demanding environments

Storage of files is key for any type of operation. We have patented a super fast, encompassed sharded file system with redundancy, software based mapping, and rotating encryption sets that distributes shards throughout the nodes of the layer2 network. Our ability to distribute shards and compute resources in an asymmetrical manner allows us to have nodes of all shapes and sizes join the Constellation and participate in the storage of files, and hosting of applications within our clusters.

• Fully Redundant
• Fully Encrypted
• Blazing Fast
• Powers Everything

Hosting, Aggregated and Secure

The PracTECHal OS encompasses the three main needs to efficient packet and application delivery: network operations (firewall), file storage, and server-side services to host applications and software stacks. By utilizing the PracTECHal OS, all our nodes provide a clustered computing and aggregation of resources within layer2, allowing the firewall to provide layer1 access when requested by the application.

In PracTECHal Hosting, these services are clustered together within many of our Layer2 clusters and aggregated in our multi-cloud aggregator for transport around the world to our other clusters within the Constellation.

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